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Air Oasis Launches Latest Product – Bi-Polar Ice

 September, 8th 2017     Comments     Views

Air Oasis announces its latest product, Bi-Polar Ice, which is designed to keep ice machines free of mold, bacteria, and sludge – all of which plague commercial ice machines.  

According to Air Oasis co-founder and CEO, Jon Bennert, “Restaurants and hospitality companies spend a significant amount of money to protect consumers from contaminated ice. Mandated ice machine cleaning is time consuming and expensive. And failed health inspections are obviously problematic.”

 “We designed Bi-Polar Ice to fit in any commercial ice machine. Its small, adaptable configuration and ease of installation makes this a great product for a wide range of users,” stated co-founder and COO, Dr. Jeffry Bennert.

Bi-polar ionization neutralizes contaminants in a safe and effective manner. Studies have shown this product is capable of keeping commercial ice machines clean for extended periods -- well beyond manual, chemical-based cleaning alternatives. Air Oasis has repurposed one of the most effective technologies for the elimination of fungi, bacteria, viruses, odor-causing VOCs, and airborne particulate matter into a device that will save businesses significant time, money, and distraction from serving their customers. 

Notes Brad Baxter, Air Oasis VP of Sales and Marketing, “The sight of a poorly-maintained ice machine is one you will not soon forget. It’s simply bad for business. Bi-Polar Ice is a game-changer.  Soon we will be alone in claiming both UL 867 and NSF ratings, assuring the restaurant and hospitality industries our product is safe to be used with consumable ice.”

About Air Oasis

Based in Amarillo, Texas, Air Oasis makes all-American made indoor air quality products with strict quality control procedures. Air Oasis’ proprietary advanced technologies and product designs take air purification to a new level. Air Oasis products are reasonably priced, low maintenance, and energy efficient. They quietly and effectively sanitize air and surface areas, whereas many competitors are limited to passive, local air cleaning. We put the quality in IAQ!

For more information about Air Oasis, visit their website, For inquiries about representing Air Oasis or carrying its products, contact Brad Baxter at or (949) 282-8037.