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BUS | The Elusive Art of Customer Service Yields Great Rewards

 September, 8th 2017     Comments     Views

By Carson Green, President MGM Products, Inc.

Great customer service is an elusive art, but it yields the greatest rewards in our industry. If you have ever experienced poor customer service you can certainly understand the carryover of bad feelings you have for the person involved and the company they represent. Nationwide customer service has become so poor that what people expect has been skewed.

Hiring people who have an ingrained desire to help others is a foundation block at MGM Products. We are a for profit company and cannot always bear the full weight of miscalculations with our partners. However, we stand by our mission to be the most reactive and easiest HVAC accessory manufacturer to deal with in the country. The partnerships formed when a customer understands you are engaged and involved in their success last much longer than just delivering a product. These entrenched relationships bread the trust that enables MGM and our customers to take on projects some would not touch. The greatest successes I have seen in our company have come when a customer asks us to do something we have previously never attempted. In some cases the entire industry has never attempted. On the other hand, we can also be counted on to provide an honest opinion, even if it removes our products and services from the equation. 

Challenges, solving problems and reaching new successes are all measureable results for any company. All of these fruits are cultivated by a well ingrained desire to help our customers succeed. Taking pride in our products and offering full site solutions is at the core of MGM Products. We are constantly rethinking the industries needs to improve and add to our HVAC accessory offering.

If you have an application where you are not getting the help you deserve or if you simply want to offer your customers the best people, products and service, contact MGM Products to discuss what we can do for you!