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CPS Products Revolutionizes How HVAC Jobsite Tools and Instruments Are Used

 September, 7th 2017     Comments     Views

CPS Products Product Marketing Manager Brian Day & VP John Jeffers with the innovative ABM EasyHood airflow meter.

CPS Products, Inc., a Hialeah, Florida-based manufacturer of tools and instruments for the HVAC/R industry, has taken the advent of connectivity to another level with CPS Link™, a powerful, easy-to-use application that connects multiple CPS wireless sensors together at one time to create the world’s most comprehensive diagnostic measurement system. Using the CPS Link app, contractors can now work smarter, faster, reduce callbacks and earn more money.  

Connecting multiple CPS sensors/tools/instruments at the same time allows for live measurement, monitoring, analysis and diagnosing of a system.  Real time “Cause and Effect” can be monitored and the technician can determine how a single adjustment to an interdependent component affects a “system” as a whole.

“Everyone owns a smart phone and/or tablet today, so they are carrying around a display and a computer with the ability to interact wirelessly with remote sensors and meters,” states CPS Product Marketing Manager Brian Day. “The CPS Link app allows us to harness this power and add functionality to traditional tools and instruments that was not previously available. The inter-connectivity allows one to utilize test functions, geotag and timestamp data, conduct short- and long-term equipment performance monitoring including IAQ, temperature, humidity and airflow and create reports and historical records of jobs completed and customers, all from one mobile device.”

The patented measurement system will soon be able to provide real-time viewing of connected meters remotely from anywhere in the world via the web.

CPS Products offers a wide range of wireless products to be used with the CPS Link™ app:

  • The ABM-HOOD-200 is a fast and easy way to measure airflow, temperature, wet bulb, dew point and relative humidity and is smaller, lighter and less expensive than competitive models.
  • The ABM-100 original smartphone anemometer
  • The ABM-200 airflow and environmental meter.
  • VG200W wireless vacuum gauge.
  • PT200W wireless superheat/subcool pressure temperature gauge.
  • TS-100 wireless temperature and humidity data logger. Also available in a 6-paxk (TS-100-6PK).
  • The SPM-K1 wireless dual port manometer/ static pressure meter. 
  • MD100W series digital wireless 4 valve manifolds (3 Models).
  • CC220W Compute-A-Charge® charging scale with Tank Tracker™. 
  • CC840W Compute-A-Charge® programmable charging scale  with Tank Tracker™. 

About CPS Products 

CPS Products, Inc. designs and manufactures tools for the professional service technician at its facility in Hialeah, Florida. They offer a comprehensive range of leak detection, charging scales, smart diagnostic tools, and proven maintenance solutions since 1989. A large percentage of our products are manufactured at our ISO certified 100,000 square foot facility located in Hialeah, Florida. For more information, visit or phone 800-277-3808.