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Des Champs Technologies Introduces the HVAC Air-Trap RLC-Series

 January, 8th 2018     Comments     Views

Des Champs Technologies, LLC. is pleased to introduce the Air-Trap RLC-Series, the latest addition to their innovative line up of waterless-traps. Hassle-free and cost effective, the RLC-Series is a logical alternative or replacement for the standard “P” trap.

Installed as a positive or negative pressure trap, the RLC-Series Air-Trap does not require standing water to prevent gas (typically air) from entering or leaving the HVAC unit. With the occurrence of condensate or other water sources within the unit, the water flows out of the HVAC unit, but no gas flows past the trap. When there is no production of water, there is no water in the trap and no gas passes through the trap.

Negative Pressure - Orientation is Horizontal

  • Condensate flow up to 4 GPM at any negative pressure
  • Schedule 40 PVC with clean out port
  • Retains no water after condensing has ceased
  • ¾" slip internal or 1” fitting external connection - with bushings can connect to ½, 1 ¼,  1 ½ and 2" tubes

Positive Pressure - Orientation is Vertical

  • Up to 3-inches positive pressure
  • Up to 0.5 GPM water flow (≈ 40 tons)
  • Does not require water head to operate

Benefits of Installing a RLC-Series Air Trap Include:

  • The Air-Trap will never freeze and break
  • No more issues caused by traps drying out
  • Air-Trap is predesigned to prevent field errors
  • Air-Trap reduces trap height by up to 60%
  • Eliminates sludge build-up at bottom of "U" tube
  • No more geysers when there is negative pressure
  • No more blow through with positive pressure
  • Designed and manufactured in U.S.A.

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