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Guest - Precision Finds Success with NATE Certified Technicians

 October, 19th 2014     Comments     Views

NATE Trainees Junior Kinderknecht & James Shelton, NATE Certified Service Technician Rick Rohrbacher & Service Manager Tom King

Contributed by Stefanie Miles, Education Coordinator at Precision Air & Heating, Phoenix, AZ 

Anyone can hang out their shingle and pretend to know what they’re doing in the construction industry.  Even with minimal licensing and apprenticeships requirements, it’s hard for a customer to know exactly what they’re getting when they call a heating and air professional for the first time.  That’s why we chose to make it clear to our customers and our neighbors what it means to be a Precision employee: when we say precision, we mean precision work, precision care and precision knowledge. 

Of course, we weren’t always as dedicated to NATE Certification as we are now -- it took a little while to realize how much the extra effort would set our company apart from others in the Phoenix area.  There was a lot of confusion and frustration in the beginning (after all, that giant test preparation packet is pretty intimidating), but over time we’ve developed a system that works pretty well for our employees.  Not only are our techs NATE Certified, we now have certified installers and sales staff. 

The Difference a NATE Certification Makes 

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification shows your customers, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your employees and company have gone the extra mile to prove they’ve got what it takes to offer the best service in the heating and air conditioning industry.  Beyond being a huge selling point to new customers, having NATE-certified employees means that you’ve hired the best in the business -- and those are the very people who can help your business grow just by being professional and courteous to your customers. 

At Precision, we always had NATE-certified techs, but it wasn’t a requirement until January 2014.  All new employees must have their NATE certifications in hand now, or plan to get their NATE certifications within the first 90 days of their hire.  We don’t just leave them on their own to chew through the study guide, though -- once a week our service manager, Tom King, provides a training class for all the new techs looking to achieve NATE status.  Since we made this tiny change, our pass rate rose to 100 percent. 

In dollars and cents, all this hard work in proving our excellence through certification has amounted to a whopping boom in business.  In 2002, we boasted only about 1,500 clients and about $1.5 million in revenue.  Only 12 short years later, our dedication to hiring the best of the best has grown us into a business that has 55 people on the payroll, over 40,000 customers and generates $12.5 million dollars in annual revenue.  That’s nothing to sneeze at and we owe a great deal of our success to our extremely professional technicians and staff.


The Face of Your Business 

You can do everything right in the office and have an awesome customer service team, but none of that matters if the face of your business is a technician who lacks confidence.  Even if you’ve hired the smartest guy on the block, he needs something to point to when he delivers a disappointing or expensive diagnosis.  These are the moments that matter -- this is where companies fly or die.  

With a NATE certification, not only will the face of your company in the field be one that can explain exactly where the problem is in the customer’s system, he’ll do it without wavering.  It’s amazing how much confidence that piece of paper gives technicians, but many find they can deal with the most difficult customers and problems without flinching because of the pride they’ve taken in their trade. 

At Precision Air and Heating, we’ve achieved a great deal of success with our NATE-certified technicians and your company will, too.  Although NATE training focuses on many problems that we don’t encounter often in our day to day work, just knowing that they can handle anything that comes their way makes it a valuable tool to boost your workers’ confidence. 

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