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Industry Veteran Bill Rau Opens Makau Distribution

 September, 7th 2017     Comments     Views

Bill Rau, a 30-year veteran as an HVAC executive, announced that he has established a new HVAC company called Makau Distribution.  Makau will be a select distributor of the TOSOT brand of ductless and will have access to TOSOT VRF products throughout the United States, except the New York City area.  The Chinese HVAC manufacturer, GREE, manufactures the TOSOT brand.

“After more than thirty (30) years in the American marketplace ductless and VRF technology is treading water,” said Mr. Rau. “We see many cases where contractors across the country are paying exorbitant prices for ductless and VRF equipment and we want to change that dynamic. We are building our distribution business on providing a reliable, world-standard quality product at very affordable prices. We believe we can put more profit in the pockets of our distributors and their contractors. This should result in a more favorable business atmosphere to utilize ductless and VRF technology as well as make it more profitable,” Mr. Rau stated. 

“The sheer strength of the manufacturing prowess of GREE will make the TOSOT brand a real player in the U.S. market. We plan to help accelerate their awareness in the U.S. marketplace and grow together. It’s a great opportunity to transform this segment of the industry,” said Rau.

Bill Rau is no newcomer to HVAC, especially the ductless and VRF market, having started his career at Lennox industries in Marketing in 1986. In 1993 he was named Deputy General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating where he remained for 19 years growing their business nearly thirty fold. The last couple of years he has been consulting with GREE and TOSOT distribution.

“In the early days, mini-splits were just plain fun”, said Rau. “There was excitement about doing something new, opening new markets, and fixing previously unfixable problems. Over time, the joy of the business got lost in the ever-increasing demands for everyone to do more, sell more, and return ever higher levels of profit. That’s OK, business is about profit, but I wondered, is there any way to bring the fun back? That’s what I intend to do. Look, we need and want the business of distributors and contractors, but in doing business we need to do it together. I will not “tell” anyone how to run their business. It’s their business.  I have some ideas for how to make this work even better, and I hope the readers of The HVAC Insider will give us the chance to show you what we mean.”

“We are delighted to represent the TOSOT brand. It is a major brand of GREE throughout the world. GREE, as we know, is the largest volume manufacturer of air conditioning products in the world. We have experience with the brand and the quality has been unsurpassed. The units look great, are quiet, go in easily and please the customer.  Contractors love the ease of working with us and our other suppliers, so we think we have an improved way to serve the market.

“My son, who has joined the business came up with a great idea: “Make mini-splits great again!”  

“In all seriousness here’s what we are going to do: We are going to make mini-splits more profitable, we are going to make mini-splits easy to order and sell, and with TOSOT quality we are going to make mini-splits reliable. That will be fun, and will make the mini-split split business great again. “

For more information contact Makau at 678-488-6600 or by e-mail at