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Mainstream Engineering and QwikProducts Help Contractors

 September, 7th 2017     Comments     Views

Technician Al Waters filling QwikProducts System Flush canisters.

Mainstream Engineering and their HVAC/R-focused QwikProducts™ division continue to build on their offering of products and services that help contractors succeed by increasing operational efficiencies, streamlining service calls and saving money. Mainstream is an award-winning solution-oriented, research, development and manufacturing business with a 12-acre, 6-building campus in Rockledge, Florida, where all QwikProducts™ are made. They manufacture equipment and perform R&D for most agencies of the U.S. government as well as for government prime contractors. For example, all the current modular refrigeration units (MRUs) and all the improved environmental control units (IECUs) used by the Department of Defense (DoD) are Mainstream QwikProducts™. Even the refrigeration compressor on the International Space Station that cools the refrigerated centrifuge is a Mainstream QwikProduct. Mainstream successfully converts its highly advanced thermal control technology into unique, patented, high-quality and cost-effective QwikProducts™ for the HVAC/R industry.

Two examples of QwikProducts that increase contractors’ profitability are Qwik System Flush® for line set contaminants and the QwikSwap™ series of ECM replacement boards.

Qwik System Flush® contains patent-pending acid- and moisture-removing agents which make it more effective than other flushing agents while costing much less. Packaged in one and two-pound sizes, it is only sold in pressurized aerosol cans to avoid moisture contamination.

QwikSwap™ blower motor control boards are solutions for replacing failed ECM variable-flow and constant torque motors using lower-cost, readily available PSC motors. By stocking a QwikSwap™ V3 and X3 or X1 board on their service trucks, contractors can efficiently handle any failed blower motor service call while saving their customers money.

In addition to the QwikProducts™ that are designed to make the technician’s work a little easier, Mainstream offers free training in areas such as preventative maintenance (PM), indoor air quality (IAQ), R-410A certification and safe handling of flammable refrigerants, such as hydrocarbons.  

As part of its vocational school support, the company provides free training courses and product samples to vocational schools nationwide.  

For more details on all the Mainstream QwikProducts™ and to see all the free training available, visit To sign up for the free DOE-mandated new install log, send an email request to For more details on the advanced R&D being done by Mainstream, visit