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September 20th 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: Leaking Gas Valves

By David RichardsonWith the floods impacting millions in Houston and throughout Florida, I’m reminded of the flooding in central Kentucky more than 20 years ago. During that event, many HVAC technicians found themselves cleaning out water-logged gas valves as they   Read more

September 6th 2017

TECH | One Engineer's Opinion: Who in the World would try to Air Condition a Screened Porch?? I would!

By W. Bruce Longino, P.E., LEED APThe concepts I am going to discuss in this article have the potential to save more energy and money than anything I have written about in the last 25 years of writing for The   Read more

September 6th 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: The Value of Light-Off CO

By David RichardsonMany technicians who work on fuel-fired equipment will admit they’ve singed their eyebrows when watching a burner light. It’s a rite of passage among most seasoned technicians. What if there was a safer way to check ignition instead   Read more

July 24th 2017

TECH | The Different AC Motors Used in HVACR Systems

Due to the rising population and growth of commercial and industrial units in the Middle East and North Africa, the demand for HVACR products in the region remains high for different applications including commercial, industrial, and residential among others. To   Read more

July 21st 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: High CO In Flue Gas – Why Should You Care?

By David Richardson_One question I frequently hear is, “Why should I care how high the CO (Carbon Monoxide) readings are in flue gas? It’s all going outside anyway.” It’s a question I also asked myself before I began to understand   Read more

June 21st 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: Three Reasons for Zero Draft

By David Richardson_A condition that leaves many technicians distressed is when they measure draft pressure in the flue and discover the reading is zero. Let’s look at three common reasons for zero draft pressure in a flue and ways to   Read more

June 9th 2017

TECH | Case Study: Smouse Opportunity School

The Challenge Originally commissioned in 1931 and designed for students with special needs, the Smouse Opportunity School was one of the first schools in Iowa to create a conducive learning environment for those students unable to attend a traditional public school   Read more

June 1st 2017

TECH | Case Study: Residential Retrofit

Energy-efficient, Ultra-quiet LG VRF System a Superior Solution to Water-Source Heat Pump in Residential RetrofitOriginally built in 1872, The Foundry has a rich history dating back more than a century. Once the former manufacturing campus of industrial powerhouse Brown &   Read more

May 17th 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: Installing Flue Pipe Test Ports

By David RichardsonOne of the most controversial topics you find among contractors, auditors, and inspectors is if it’s acceptable to install a test port in double wall pipe or PVC to perform combustion safety tests. Often, the disagreements come from   Read more

May 16th 2017

TECH | Fiber Glass Health and Safety: Understanding the Research

Fiber glass is one of the most studied man-made substances on the planet, and there are dozens of studies specifically designed to determine whether fiber glass poses any health hazard to humans. These third-party studies have produced a robust body   Read more