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December 12th 2017

TECH | Obstacles to Air Balancing Residential HVAC Systems

By David RichardsonSo what are the obstacles to air balancing? Did you know that air balancing is more common across the country today than ever before. It’s being enforced on many new residential HVAC installations due to code and utility   Read more

December 8th 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: Furnace Red Tag Second Opinions

By David RichardsonTis the season for furnace red-tagging as colder temperatures arrive. As homeowner’s scramble to recover from the news their furnace is being shut down, they often seek a second opinion for confirmation. In this time of panic, many   Read more

November 27th 2017

TECH | Case Study: PizzaRev Stores Stay Comfortable Despite 900 Degree Ovens

Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, announced that the PizzaRev chain is using Venstar’s Wireless Temperature Sensors and ColorTouch® touchscreen thermostats with Venstar’s Skyport™ Cloud Services to keep its stores cool and comfortable despite the use of   Read more

November 27th 2017

TECH | One Engineer's Opinion: Electro-mechanical Thermostats

With the availability of Wi-Fi thermostats, why in the world would anyone specify an electro-mechanical thermostat on a commercial building? Wi-Fi thermostats have many features that are useful, especially to facility managers of commercial facilities. Additionally the cost is comparable.They   Read more

November 22nd 2017

TECH | Recovery or Evacuation?

By Randy Petit Sr., Esco GroupWhen a technician removes refrigerant from a system, is he or she evacuating the system, or recovering the refrigerant? A couple of the definitions for Evacuate are: to remove the contents of, or to create a   Read more

November 22nd 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: What Ambient CO Testing Really Tells You

By David RichardsonThe diagnosis of many carbon monoxide (CO) incidents today is based only on ambient CO testing. This measurement is valuable, but it does have limitations. Let’s look at what ambient CO is, what it tells you, and what   Read more

October 23rd 2017

TECH | Case Study: Imperial Unified School District Uses Venstar’s Skyport Cloud

Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, recently announced that Imperial Unified School District is using Venstar’s Skyport® Cloud to remotely control more than 340 Venstar ColorTouch® commercial touchscreen thermostats in classrooms and auditoriums at its campuses in   Read more

October 10th 2017

TECH | SNAP Notice of Acceptability

Recently, the EPA published in the Federal Register a Determination of Acceptability (Notice 33) to list as acceptable several substitutes in the refrigeration and air conditioning, and cleaning solvents sectors. This determination of acceptability expands the list of acceptable substitutes under   Read more

October 3rd 2017

TECH | Case Study: The Mill at Dover-Foxcroft

LG’s VRF System Delivers Total Tenant Comfort in Mixed-Use Mill Complex and Integrates Seamlessly with Water-Source Geothermal System for High Energy EfficiencyChallengeLocated on the picturesque Piscataquis River in Maine, The Mill at Dover-Foxcroft is 60,000 square foot complex comprised of   Read more

September 20th 2017

TECH | Carbon Monoxide: Leaking Gas Valves

By David RichardsonWith the floods impacting millions in Houston and throughout Florida, I’m reminded of the flooding in central Kentucky more than 20 years ago. During that event, many HVAC technicians found themselves cleaning out water-logged gas valves as they   Read more