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April 26th 2017

WEB | Reputation Matters: How to Win Your 5-Star Rating

By Lauren Glass, Product Manager, G/O DigitalAs with any service-based industry, online reviews can make or break your HVAC business. In fact, research shows that 72 percent of consumers have more trust in a local business with overwhelmingly positive online   Read more

April 3rd 2017

WEB | What's Content Got to Do with It? How to Build Business with Blogs and Video

By Lauren Glass, Product Manager, G/O Digital You know the HVAC business like the back of your hand. Your days are spent helping people in their homes and businesses enjoy the ideal climate. You’ve heard blogs and videos are something you should   Read more

March 14th 2017

WEB | Getting Your HVAC Business Noticed Online: Why Relevance Matters

By Lauren Glass, Product Manager, G/O Digital Keywords used to be the magic bullet for search engine optimization (SEO), but no longer is peppering your website with target terms a smart strategy; nor is it effective. As an HVAC business owner,   Read more

December 1st 2014

Web Tips - The importance of Social Media Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy

Contributed by Kai SchulzSocial media is not just a buzz phrase or a fad, and if you are not properly utilizing it to market your business, then you are losing out on your fair share of local customers. In fact,   Read more

September 26th 2014

Web Tips - How to Avoid being Removed from Search Engines

Contributed by Kai SchulzLast month we discussed why SEO is so important for your business. However, not every SEO task/factor/company is equally good and therefore will not produce the same quality of results.The rules of search engine optimization (SEO) can   Read more

September 15th 2014

Web Tips - Why SEO is so important for your business

Contributed by Kai Schulz The website is a very important aspect of your overall marketing plan. However, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most crucial piece of any successful online marketing strategy. Even   Read more

July 18th 2014

HVAC Web Tips - How to Choose Your Website Developer

Contributed by Kai SchulzThe HVAC industry has very specific needs, and it is vital for your website developer to have a firm grasp on how the industry works. Most of your customers will look up your website during an emergency   Read more